Not a simple kayak, but a Pure Performance Kayak.

Our mission: To offer you innovative and high-performance forms. To be at the cutting edge of technology in terms of materials and manufacturing processes. To question everything and progress. The best, nothing but the best.

Results: Sterling has pushed far beyond "what's out there" to create a totally new sea kayaking experience.

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Kayak Sterling Carbon Grand Illusion

Game changing designs for new kayaks that encompass the needs of every Kayaker according to their body type, size and desired paddling conditions. Designed for comfort and a personal fit = great days on the water.

Build a stable kayak that has new and exciting ease of function, ​a kayak controlled by the kayaker, instead of the kayak limiting and controlling your performance. Each model is suited for a paddle in the Sunset or rough conditions. You will love these kayaks as a beginner, but you will not surpass the level of paddling that your Sterling Kayak can deliver. A personal quality of paddling and skill level decision.

Research and employ new materials and construction methods to make the lightest and strongest kayaks available. A Kayak that can be maintained and enjoyed – a lifetime purchase.

Bonus – the design and strength deliver additional safety. A Kayak that is easy to load, unload, carry to the water. A Kayak that paddles with ease for less wear and tear on your body. Allows more years of enjoyable paddling.

Kayak design and quality is a Passion for Sterling: Create the best possible Kayaks through advanced design, advanced lay-up design and innovative materials Offer custom design finishes and custom fitting Choose materials and design based on quality.

- No compromise to satisfy a price point -

The World Class Paddlers of the Pacific Northwest have been their test paddlers, sharing their insights for improvements. Sterling creates design that bring improvements into the working characteristics of the kayak. He build a prototype - go through extensive test paddling - then refine the prototype - retest - refine - not stopping until he has reached his design goals.

This has created a totally unique opportunity to bring an unequaled level of excellence to our designs.

Any day of the week you will find Sterling in his shop enjoying the beauty of the current build he is working on. A great day for Sterling includes talking to a satisfied customer and hearing about the performance and quality they are discovering in their ​Sterling Kayak.

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Sterling has spent over 10 years developing these designs. He calls them "Pure Performance".

He has been committed to bringing you quality design, products and service since 2003, and he loves it!

Designed by Sterling, ​custom built by his crew ​of quality craftsmen, quality materials from local vendors, Made in USA.

Illusion Sterling Kayak Hipster

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