Ice Kap Pure Performance Kayaks

Specifications :

- Average Paddler size: 45 to 75 kg
- Length: 5.13 m
- Beam: 49.6 cm
- Weight: from 14.5 kg to 19.5 kg
- Volume: 255 litres
- Cockpit height front: 28.3 cm
- Cockpit height rear: 19.05 cm
- Round front hatch: Ø 20.32 cm
- Oval rear hatch 43.8 x 25.4 cm
- Max Load Capacity: 127 kg

Finally a Kayak built for the Smaller Paddler.

Ice Kap Sterling is a sea kayak for touring but it is also a good play boat. It surfs very well and is widely known for the Greenland Roll.

Why does Sterling design the Ice Kap and why does he call it "the equalizer"?

His observation is simple. A small and/or very thin person, who paddles with a normal size kayak, often has trouble keeping up with his or her group or partner.

The causes:
- a kayak too big in relation to the size
- arms raised too high not to touch the deck
- a kayak too wide, the result:

- Legs that are poorly positioned in relation to the coaming and knees that are too far apart, not well supported.

- that the size of the arms does not allow for a good range of motion, resulting in a lack of control and agility

- The width of the kayak means that it pushes the water and the person's power is not in line with this resistance. It will tire faster

The Ice Kap is a high performance kayak. It is manufactured with Sterling's "Strong-Lite" technique. Using premium quality materials, the result is a kayak that weighs between 14.5 and 19.5 kg, depending on the chosen construction.

The Ice Kap is stable, extremely easy to control. It is narrow which allows thin and or small people to be perfectly fit

​With skeg deployed it will even hold course in rear or quartering seas

If you like to surf it can be surfed forward and backwards!

The uses of the Ice Kap are:

- Half-day or day touring

- Touring over a weekend with standard bivouac equipment

- Touring over several days with ultralight bivouac equipment

- The practice of Greenland Roll, from initiation to the very high level

- Surf and play in Tiderace

Bonus, it is so light that it facilitates the loading and unloading of a vehicle but also portages.

There isn't another kayak on the market that comes close to the Ice Kap for appropriate fit and performance for the small paddlers.

Features :

- "Strong-Lite" are layers of exclusive materials. Kayaks are 10% to 25% lighter than competitors. Sterling owns the fibers and resins, you will only find them at Sterling Kayaks.
The use of Premium materials gives unparalleled strength and weight!
The highest quality materials are of ballistic quality. This is the ultimate in lightness and strength for a kayak today.
- The cockpit is rounded from bow to stern for easy Roll. It is ergonomic and the coaming has thigh braces.
- Custom foam seat by Joe Greenley - customizable comfort
- Sea Dog quick adjust pedals
- Foot pedals fixed on the inside - no holes in the hull, so no leaks
- 2 large Sea Dog high performance covers for hatches
- 2 light bulkheads
- Sterling exclusive internal / external seam joint
- Built-in deck fitting
- Specific attachments for a Paddle Float
- Carrying handles
- Perimeter Ropes and bungies
- Exclusive skeg design and manufacture. The skeg and its skegbox are integrated directly into the hull. They are not parts added after construction. Named "Skeel" (aft central retractable skeg with kink free cable design)
- Water safety inspection before leaving the shop
- Choice to change to a High combing - gives a bit more room for larger paddler

Common Options :
- Custom bulkhead placement
- Wear strip
- Customization of gelcoat design and colors
- bulkhead in lieu of foot pedals

Photos and description of standard equipment and options

Standard "Strong-Lite" Premium Lay-Up, your choice:

- Standard/composite/impregnation : 6900€ TTC
- Standard/composite/infusion : 7400€ TTC
- Carbon/composite/infusion : 8400€ TTC
- Ballistic Epoxy/Carbon/Composite/infusion : 10900€ TTC

Dubside, an undisputed master of Greenlandic Roll, receives a first version of the Ice Kap specially customized for him.

Sterling Donalson reveals the details of its design, and talks a little about the artist who painted Dubside on his kayak.

Ice Kap Pure Performance Kayaks