Standard outfitting and colours

Standard "Strong-Lite" Premium Lay-Up, your choice:

- Standard/composite/impregnation* : 6900€ TTC
- Standard/composite/infusion* : 7400€ TTC
- Carbon/composite/infusion* : 8400€ TTC
- Ballistic Epoxy/Carbon/Composite/infusion* : 10900€ TTC
*Details of the manufacturing further down the page.

Choice of deck colour:

White - White
White - White
Grand Illusion Sterling Kayaks red and white
Red - Red
Light blue - Mission blue
Ice Kap
Lime - Key lime
reflection II pure performance

Hull: standard white
Seam joint: white or black exterior
Coaming : black


Accessories and standard outfitting

Redfish Kayak Seats

Redfish Kayak Seats

Made by Joe Greenley, they are made of gray foam with closed mini cells. They do not absorb water and are very comfortable.
Each seat comes with a foam wedge. It extends more or less under its front to lift it up gradually. This adjustment allows a perfect fit, an optimal wedging. Depending on the season and the thickness of the clothes worn, and the kayaking program (touring/playing), you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Drift Skeel Sterling kayak

Sterling Skeel Skeg

Sterling is the only manufacturer to offer this exclusive skeg (named Skeel), designed in partnership with Reg Lake.
Skeel is a retractable aft central with a kink free cable design.
The "Skeel Controller" and "Skeelbox" are built in rather than added on later making them lighter, stronger and trouble free.

Sterling kayak daggerboard box

Skeg Boxes

Skeg boxes are fiberglass not plastic - higher quality and longevity.

No kinked cable in the skeg housing.

Sterling kayak centreboard

Flush Skeel

​​Flush Skeel control button at left hip out of the way yet easy to fine tune in an instant.

hull kayak Ice Kap Sterling

Proprietary inside/outside seam joint

Like all the fibres used by Sterling, the welding tapes have been developed according to its specifications. Sterling owns them, you won't find them anywhere else. They are lighter and stronger than other fibers used in the kayak industry.

Sterling Kayak Decks


Heavy duty fittings made from quality material recessed into the deck - not snagging clothing while making a re-entry. Made in the USA deck fittings.

kayak deck equipment

Recessed Deck Fittings and inside deck

No deck Fitting is coming out through the deck. They're recessed, but nothing comes through. This ensures that you don't snag or tear your gear or clothing.
There is also a bungie arrangement under the deck for storing maps, a pump, a small drybag, etc.
Pump not sold with the kayak, it is presented only for suggesting.

Kayak adjustable footrests

Adjustable foot pedals

Easily adjustable foot pedals. Inside mounted rails and foot pedals attached with stud mounts - no thru holes to leak water.

Sterling kayak hatches and covers

Hatches and lid

Sea Dog High Performance. Sterling and Sea Dog have worked together to create a Premium hatch and lid. They are perfectly waterproof. The lids are very easy to go on and off. They are very different from those used in the kayak industry.

kayak boxes

Sea Dog Lids

Hatch Lids are tethered to underside of deck

Lifelines adjuster paddle kayak paddle

Sliding line tensioner

These sliding line tensioner to hold your spare paddle tight to the deck ​on both front and rear

kayak deck and lifelines

Perimeter Ropes

Perimeter Ropes to assist holding on to the kayak if you land in the water - portions of the rope are covered in a black vinyl tubing so you won't cut your hands holding onto your boat in big currents or the surf.


Paddle float re-entry

Paddle float re-entry rescue mounts.

kayak interior


Depending on the lay-up you choose, bulkheads are made from either Carbon or Fiberglass, not from plastic or foam as many manufacturers provide. They have a proprietary build design and install design. This allows the bulkheads to flex with hull impacts without creating breakage or cracking of hull or the deck.

kayak bulkhead

Progression and Reflection II bulkhead

The Progression and Reflection come standard with a bulkhead behind the seat that helps dump water from the cockpit.

inside kayak

Ice Kap, Illusion and Grand Illusion bulkhead

These kayaks come standard with a bulkhead behind the seat that leaves more room for water bags or other gear.

Sterling Kayaks safety handle

Multi-function point

All Sterling kayaks come with a multi-function point behind the coaming. It can be used to lift the kayak, for safety or as a towing line ring.


Grab Handles/Carry Handles

Each Sterling kayak has two handles. One at the bow, the other at the stern.

Custom options and customizations

On request, Sterling kayaks can be adapted to your morphology.
Coaming dimensions, high cut of the deck or hull to reduce volume, etc.
The aim is the kayak become "one" with you for better sensations, more performance and responsiveness.
It is also possible to customize the colours and design of the Gel-Coat.
Price on request for classic options - For other options, we will draw up a quotation.


Classic options :

- Bulkhead in lieu of pedals. It is placed according to your preference, to gain in comfort or storage volume. This option also includes two foam pads. They have and an cut out section in the centre to relax your foot in when needed.

- Custom bulkhead that can be placed wherever you want. Allows you to optimize the compartments according to your needs.
- Custom Color Choices.
- Custom gel-coat design choices
- Extra surf lay-up: additional layers of material in key stress areas for the surf zone and rock gardening.

Gel-Coat's features, options and designs that you can choose from are unrivaled in the kayaking industry.

However, the real reason that experienced paddlers are choosing these kayaks is because they went through exhaustive performance trials with the very best paddlers the industry has to offer.
Sterling kayaks are the Best kayaks in Wind,Chop, Surf, and Weather. Easy rolling was just one of the bonuses that surfaced in testing. Another was the superior hull speed for such a maneuverable kayak.

Call it luck, we're pleased with the results.

Progression Sterling Kayaks - Kate Hives

Understanding the difference between lay-ups

Strong-Lite ?

"Strong-Lite" are layers of exclusive materials. Kayaks are 10% to 25% lighter than competitors. Sterling owns the fibers and resins, you will only find them at Sterling Kayaks.


A light, strong and durable kayak. This contributes to your safety on the water. Regardless of the Strong-Lite Lay-Up you choose, a Sterling will withstand many more impacts, without breaking, than the kayak industry standard.

The fibres used are created from innovative Premium materials and exclusive designs.

-Standard/composite/wet-bag lay-up :
This creates an incredibly strong and light-weight kayak that will, no doubt, surprise you upon the first time you pick it up.

This Lay-Up is ideal for kayakers who wish to navigate in a Sterling kayak and enjoy unique designs.

The lay-ups contains no mat - the most common industry building material - mat builds a heavy, resin rich (not strong) lay-up.

- Standard/Composite/Infused Lay-Up:
Through the process of infusion, however, we can build a kayak with a perfect resin-to-material ratio. That means: no excess resin in the building materials, and more importantly, an even lighter stronger kayak.

This Lay-Up is ideal for the majority of kayakers who want a lighter and stronger kayak for better performance.

The lay-ups contains no mat - the most common industry building material - mat builds a heavy, resin rich (not strong) lay-up.

-Carbon/composite/infused Lay-Up:
This carbon-infused lay-up is the culmination of technology, research and years of experience. Through the use of Carbon, Kevlar, infusion-grade resin and composite reinforcements, Sterling can build a kayak that is both shockingly light and even stronger than the standard/composite/infused lay-up. This lay-up takes additional weight off the build and as Sterling said above the lighter they are the better they perform.

For kayakers who want a kayak that is significantly better, lighter and stronger than those on the market, carbon/kevlar/infused Lay-Up is a must.

The lay-ups contains no mat - the most common industry building material - mat builds a heavy, resin rich (not strong) lay-up.

-Ballistic/epoxy/carbon/composite/infused Lay-Up :
The best of the best! Sterling offers a ballistic quality Lay-Up that is unique in the world. No other brand of kayak offers such advanced and technical Lay-Up. The true top of the range, far ahead of all other manufacturing methods.

Light as a feather and strong as steel is an apt description.

By using infusion grade epoxy resin and Premium materials, Sterling can build a kayak that is incredibly light, resistant to high temperatures and near impossible to destroy.

For paddlers that want the absolute pinnacle of performance and construction!

You will have understood it, this Lay-Up does not contain Mat...

Optional: choice of colours and design of the Gel-Coat

All colours and designs are possible.
Rates according to the work.
Please contact us.

Black Side Wave

Ice Kap Sterling Kayaks

Black deck and hull

Kayak Sterling Carbon Grand Illusion

Custom Woodgrain deck - white stylized stripe - orange side stripe and orange hull - custom oak leaves on deck

kayak reflection black and orange