Pure Performance Kayaks

We are often asked if the Illusion Sterlings Kayaks is fast as a touring kayak.
We find that it is, but it is difficult to compare perceptions and sensations.
So we took out the GPS and did a similar test (same paddler, same paddle, same wind and sea) to the one we did with an Xceed M Tiderace (Carbon version) which weighs 22.1 kg and measures 540 x 54 cm.
We consider the Xceed to be a benchmark in terms of speed, and we liked it a lot.

We compared it with a 21.8 kg Illusion (standard composite infusion version) which measures 513 x 54.61 cm.
The result on the GPS is almost identical:
- 8.5 km/h average for the Illusion and a peak of 15.1 km/h
- 8.9 km/h average for the Xceed and a peak of 14.2 km/h