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Standard/Composite/Infused Lay-Up

This Lay-Up is ideal for the majority of kayakers who want a lighter and stronger kayak for better performance.

Deck colour light blue (standard colour for a deck)
Hull :
- Light blue colour (standard colour for a hull)
- Diamond white impact area (optional)
Weight : 21,79 Kg
Price : 7678€ TTC / 6398,33€ HT
Reference : IL-615

Illusion in stock at Sterling in the USA

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Carbon/composite/infused Lay-Up

For kayakers who want a kayak that is significantly better performing, lighter and stronger than those on the market, infused Lay-Up with carbon, kevlar and other composites is a must.

Red, white and blue bridge (standard colours and blue as an option)

White shell (standard colour)

Weight : 17.5 kg

Price : 8580€ TTC / 7150 HT

Sold on 15/03/2021 ! You wish the same, it is possible on order.

Illusion Pure Performance Kayaks